Call for proposals

Organise a special session

We would like to encourage all interested professionals to contribute to the CMBBE 2023 programme by organizing a special session. You can propose the session topic or choose one of the abstract submission topics of the conference. Check out the CMBBE 2023 main topics  under Abstract submission page.

Each special session can have six speaker. You can ask three or four colleagues to attend and present on related topics. Each presentation will have a duration of max. 15 min and you can also choose one
speaker to give a more extensive talk on the topic (max. 20 min). The special session will be completed with presentations from the standard abstract submission. 


For more information please contact CMBBE 2023 secretariat at

Organise a workshop

We would like to invite everyone interested in organising a workshop during CMBBE 2023 to submit their proposals by 15 November 2022! You can have a demonstration of your latest software and simulations programmes for the conference delegates. Workshops will be scheduled during the regular scientific sessions. The duration will be 1.5 – 2 hours. In order to apply for a workshop time slot, you should submit the topic, description, speaker and a link to the software. The deadline to submit the complete workshop proposal is 15 December 2022!

For more information please contact CMMBE 2023 secretariat at