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Project name: InSteps

After the recent successful introduction of endovascular treatment for stroke, the most debilitating disease in the world, many stroke treatment devices are being developed. The trajectory of introducing treatments is sub-optimal resulting in huge capital wastes and delays in translation to clinical practice. Based on the research performed in (INSIST: an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project, we offer a validated in-silico stroke treatment modelling platform. We simulate stent-retriever-based thrombectomy to facilitate device optimization, clinical trial design, and regulatory supportive evidence.

Workshop name:
Biofidelic aortic vessel modelling: from MRI scan to fully hexahedral mesh.

Digital twins are proving to be valuable tools capable of faithfully representing and investigating complex scenarios. During this workshop, we will explore one of the key prerequisites for ensuring the definition of a reliable digital twin: the modelling procedure.
More precisely, we will focus on the definition of a patient-specific aortic arch model starting from an MRI scan. Throughout the live demonstration, we will deepen all the crucial stages which lead to the generation of high-quality hexahedral mesh and the definition of the study case in terms of material property and boundary conditions.
Finally, we will address an as common as well as strategic task: how to post-process the obtained result in an accurate and clear way so as to be easily understandable also by clinicians.