Main topics

CMBBE 2024 Main Topics:

Agent-based modeling
Bacterial and viral mechanics
Big data and -omics
Biofluid mechanics
Biomechanics for morphogenesis
Biomechanics of movement and rehabilitation
Biomechanics sensing and modeling
Biomedical image analysis and processing
Bone & cartilage biomechanics
Brain biomechanics
Brain computer interfaces
Cardiovascular fluid dynamics
Cardiovascular mechanics
Cellular and molecular biomechanics

Clinical translation and integration
Computer-aided surgery
Contact mechanics
Dental biomechanics
Education in CMBBE
Emerging topics
Experimental validation methods
Finite element and finite volume methods
Fluid-structure interaction
Growth and remodeling
Injury biomechanics
Internet of things

Inverse problems and parameter identification
Machine learning and artificial intelligence
Mechanics in infections diseases
Meshless methods
Multiphysics modeling
Multiscale modeling
Musculoskeletal dynamics & neuromuscular control
Patient-specific modeling
Plant biomechanics
Respiratory biomechanics
Soft tissue biomechanics
Spine biomechanics
Sports biomechanics
Tissue engineering and bioprinting
Wearables and nearables

We want to encourage all interested professionals to contribute to the CMBBE 2023 programme by participating in the pre-conference day of Lab Tours. It will be a tour of a laboratory and research facility that will take place before the scientific conference, on the 2nd of May 2023. This tour can provide attendees with an opportunity to learn more about the research being conducted in the lab and to see the equipment and facilities up close. 

A pre-conference lab tours day is a valuable experience for conference attendees, as it allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the research being presented at the conference and to network with other researchers and scientists who share similar interests. 

The Institut de Biomecanique Humaine Georges Charpak (IBHGC) of Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, is a research organisation in which researchers with various scientific profiles are involved (mechanical engineering, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, imaging specialists, functional rehabilitation physicians, physiologists, automation specialists, radiologists, and physicists). This plurality of skills enables the institute to conduct relevant and recognized research in the fields of biomechanics, health, safety, sport, and disability. The scientific approach, centered on musculoskeletal modelling, gives the institute an original and strong historical positioning at the national level. The IBHGC possesses a first-class technology platform of 1,000 m2 favoring the deployment of research, teaching, and development through a strong industrial partnership.

The main equipment that will be presented during the visit is The EOS low-dose biplane radiography system (EOS Imaging, France), movement analysis facility, BMA high-resolution radiography system (experimental surgery room), Aixplorer Ultrasound Shearwave elastography system (Supersonic Imagine), Micro CT-scanner, Surface scanning system (Handiscan), High-speed cameras and various custom-made test benches.

Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology is a higher education engineering school in France. The school has trained over 85,000 engineers since its foundation in 1780 by the Duke of La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, and it remains a prestigious and selective French Grande Ecole. It includes 8 Education and Research Campuses and 3 Institutes across France. Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology is a “Public Scientific, Cultural, and Professional Institution” (EPSCP) under the authority of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. With 15 research laboratories and 1 Ph.D. program, the Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology develops teaching and research activities in five strategic fields:

  • Future of Manufacturing
  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • Health Technology
  • Construction

At Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, the shared goals of research and industry come together to develop projects and skills to promote the emergence of new ideas in response to rapid technological changes. This approach enables the school to maintain the highest levels of expertise. Furthermore, the Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology has been involved in several European Projects, as both a partner and coordinator.

DATE: Tuesday, 2nd May 2023 
ENSAM Institute of Human Biomechanics Lab Tour 
The tours will start at 14:30; One tour will take place every hour 
Maximum 20 participants per tour 
Free but registration is required 

ENSAM LIFSE Laboratory – The Wind Tunnel Tour 
The tours will start at 14:30; One tour will take place every hour 
Maximum 20 participants per tour 
Free but registration is required 
Last tour at 16:30 

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