Industry workshops

Organizers: Laura Iannetti, Evangelos Karatsis

This presentation introduces the solutions of the BETA CAE Systems software suite for the field of Bio-Engineering applications, and offers a demonstration of a complete stent design optimization case.

This optimization case was selected as a characteristic example that highlights the importance of Simulation as a decision making tool. Reaching the correct decision effectively is possible only with the aid of powerful and reliable tools. As the design of each stent device needs to take into account numerous different aspects, these tools should be able to massively generate loadcases and allow the effective management of the vast amount of data involved in the optimization. Each time, the ultimate goal is to maximize the performance and minimize the side effects. Because of this, many different designs must be realized and tested to reach the optimum solution.

During the workshop we will investigate a stent design optimization focusing not only on the parametrization of its geometrical features, but also on the material mechanical properties tuning. We will demonstrate how it is possible to easily and quickly simulate the coupling of the device different sizes with the same patient anatomy so to identify the best possible configuration. Finally, we will address a quite common real case: how to choose the best device size when the patient anatomy leads to multiple possible options.

In order to build patient specific musculoskeletal models, parameters obtained from medical images (e.g. bone geometry, joint rotation centers, muscle attachment points), are often crucial components. However, some of these parameters are very difficult to see on medical images, or may take a lot of time to obtain. This is a bottleneck that will need to be eliminated, or at least mitigated on the path towards more widespread clinical use. In this workshop, we will introduce and show how novel Artificial Intelligence based image processing techniques in the Mimics Innovation Suite might play a role in solving this issue for various anatomies and applications, and how you can incorporate your own AI models for your specific purpose.