Cologne Bonn Airport is centrally located in the Cologne Bonn Region 12 km southeast of Cologne city centre and 16 km northeast of Bonn. It has services to 115 passenger destinations in 35 countries.

By bus to venue: The cheapest option is to take Express bus SB 60 (cca 3€). It takes cca 30 min. to get there. Please exit at the stop Brüdergassse/Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz which is really close to Hilton hotel (conference venue).
By taxi to venue: The faster option is to take a taxi- one way journey takes cca 18 min, price is between 45 and 60 €. 

Bonn Hauptbahnhof is a railway station located on the left bank of the Rhine. It is the principal station serving the city of Bonn. In addition to extensive rail service from Deutsche Bahn it acts as a hub for local bus, tram, and Stadtbahn services. The station in served to many German and Austrian bigger cities (Hannover, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Innsbruck, Vienna, Linz…)